Vet Electrolyte Sachet

Vet Electrolyte provides a balanced range of Na, K, Mg, Ca, Cl and HCO3 ions in an isotonic solution in addition to dextrose for energy

225gram sachets
Outers of 40 sachets

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Vet Electrolyte Sachet

Vet Electrolyte can be used as an electrolyte solution to assist with the oral rehydration of calves and cattle during periods of dehydration and stress to help restore the normal physiological balance.

Can be given to calves following transport or as support during nutritional scours.

Can also be used with adult cattle following difficult calvings.

Magnesium chloride - 11.0 mg/g
Potassium citrate - 18.3 mg/g
Calcium lactate - 12.8 mg/g
Sodium citrate - 69.2 mg/g
Sodium chloride - 100.0 mg/g
Dextrose - 788.7 mg/g

NOTE: These are feed grade ingredients and are not sterile. This product is not suitable for IV use.

Dissolve 225grams Vet Electrolyte in 4 litres of clean warm water.

Give 1 litre per 50 - 100kg bodyweight, depending on degree of dehydration. Give 4 litres per day

Due to the presence of HCO3 and citrate, do not mix with milk; feed 30 minutes before giving milk.

Seek veterinary advice as required.

Store in a cool dry place.

Keep out of reach of children.