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Vetpak - Manufacturer and Distributor of Animal Health & Care Products

Owned and operated in New Zealand, Vetpak is a manufacturer and distributor of animal health and animal care products that are sold exclusively to the veterinary profession. Vetpak's catalogue ranges from a variety of products, equipments & supplies including: nutritional animal supplements, productivity enhancing products, disinfectants and herd hygiene solutions. We are able to supply products in any size or number to suit your requirements whether it be small individual satchets through to bulk 1000 litre tanks.

Our four highly experienced territory managers service vet clinics country-wide with our Head Office being based in Te Awamutu. Vetpak's product range can be sourced from veterinary practices throughout New Zealand.

Being New Zealand owned and operated means we are able to provide a fast and flexible service that is tailored to the needs of our clients. Orders are processed daily and sent by courier, most orders will be delivered within 24 hours. 


Products to aid in the prevention & treatment of Calf scours as well as to promote Calf growth & health.


A range of products to promote healthy ewes, lamb survival and improved growth rates.


Products to improve health & production of dairy cows as well as aid in preventing common conditions associated with calving.


A range of powdered and liquid minerals, topical antiseptics & sanitisers & equipment cleaners.


A range of powdered and liquid minerals either custom blended or ready to use.


For any of your drum and pump needs.


  • VetPak's products have been a real saviour for us on the farm. Wouldn't be without them!

    - Emma Cooper - 06/08/16 -

  • Rotogen most definately saved a very large number of my calves, while we made a conscious decision to destroy all bobby calves through the worst time of the out break we only lost 7 replacement heifers and 1 bull that was destined to be used as a herd sire. These calves that died were the first to become infected and we did not get to them in time with the Rotogen.

    - Julia of Gore - Rotagen -

  • Upon the recommendation of our vet we treated our sick calves with Rotogen Combo and we noticed the change in the calves very quickly as they responded to Rotogen treatment, we found the product was easy to use and administer, I would have no hesitation in recommending Rotogen Combo to treat scouring calves.

    - Jodie of Southland - Rotagen -

  • I have used Rotagen for a number of years to treat and prevent Rotavirus and Cryptosporidia. I am confident that it has saved many calves, and I can say that I have had good success with the product.

    - Jim from Otorohanga - Rotagen -

  • Rotagen is really, really good. As soon as cows calve, we get the calves in and tube them with colostrum. We then put them on the five day preventative course of Rotagen "Combo". We have used the straight Rotagen Rotavirus, Rotagen Rotavirus plus Cryptosporidia, and Rotagen Rotavirus plus Salmonella. We find Rotagen "Combo" very effective and a lot easier and cheaper to use than the vaccine.

    - Joy of Landcorp - Rotagen "Combo" -

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