What is OxC-beta™ Dairy

OxC-beta™ Dairy is a scientifically-proven breakthrough that helps ensure reliable productivity and profitability by supporting optimal health of animals.

OxC-beta™ Dairy supports the immune system to function optimally and provides the following benefits:

  • Effective at low daily dose levels
  • Supports immune function to keep your animal’s natural defenses in top shape.
  • Animals with healthy immune systems are better able to defend themselves against commonly encountered production stresses.
  • Helps to maintain udder health and optimize milk quality during periods of stress.
  • Non antibiotic mode of action, no need to discard milk
  • Safe for use during the lactation period.

Active Ingredients

OxC-beta™ Dairy contains a newly discovered group of polymer compounds produced when beta-carotene undergoes spontaneous oxidation in air. Although the copolymers occur in nature, OxC-beta™ Dairy is a patented active ingredient that is manufactured under stringent quality standards in a FAMIqs certified facility by the full and controlled oxidation of beta-carotene. As a result, customers can rely on a consistent and high-quality proprietary product.

Mode of Action

OxC-beta™ Dairy possesses a unique combination of immune supporting activities that help animals resist infections and also limits harmful, excessive levels of inflammation. As a result, the animals are able to remain healthy during periods of stress. Whether it’s during the transition period or later stages of the milk production cycle OxC-beta™ Dairy has been shown to consistently benefit productivity because healthy animals perform better.


OxC-beta™ Dairy 10% is a feed additive intended for addition to dairy feeds.
  • Recommended dose is 2.5 to 3.5 g/head/day

Purchasing Information:

OxC-beta™ Dairy 10% is approved for use in New Zealand and is available for purchase through:

VetPak. Contact Steve Atfield
Phone: (07) 870 2024
Cell: 027 242 8159
Email: steve.atfield@vetpak.co.nz
Fax. 0800 870 2032
Website: www.vetpak.co.nz

Safety Information

Skin or eye contact, inhalation or ingestion of the product should be avoided due to potential for irritation or aggravation of existing medical conditions. A full Material Safety Data Sheet is available on request from either the manufacturer or distributor noted above.

In the event of a concern, please contact Avivagen using the address information below.

For product related enquiries please contact
customer service at:

Avivagen Inc.
100 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1A 0R6
Tel: 010-1-613-702-2908