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A broad spectrum bacteriocidial, fungicidal, virucidal disinfectant with activity against both hydrophillic and lipophillic viruses and gram +ve and gram -ve bacteria. Non -corrosive with a distinctive yellow colour and a fragrant odour.


Suitable for disinfecting all surfaces on farm, especially suitable for hygiene programs designed for calf-rearing premises and pig and poultry farms. Can be used on a routine basis or for problem disinfection.


Terminator is a bright yellow liquid containing 15% glutaralydehyde and 10% coco-benzyl-dimethylammonium chloride. Includes a yellow dye and fragrance


Routine Disinfection:  Dilute 1:150
For Specific Disinfection: eg Rotavirus  Dilute 1:100
Terminator is suitable for fogging over livestock.
For Addition to a Water System:  Drain and clean header tank. Refill with water and add Terminator diluted at 1:3000


Wear protective gloves, goggles and face mask when spraying. Do not swallow. Avoid inhalation of vapour. Do not mix with other chemicals.


Store in a cool place above 4C