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Rotagen Combo

A non-antibiotic aid to the prevention and treatment of the common causes of calf scours. A mixture of spray dried egg powder containing specific immunoglobulins.


A  non-antibiotic prevention and treatment of calf scours caused by Rotavirus 6 & 10 (Type A and B), Cryptosporidia, Salmonella typhimurium, E coli and Bovine Coronovirus.
The base "Combo" product contains antibodies for Rotavirus 6 & 10 with the other antibodies added as required. 

Please ensure you specify what anitbodies you require when ordering.

The following combinations are available:

Antibodies against Rotavirus types 6 & 10,
Anitbodies against Rotavirus types 6 & 10 plus Cryptosporidia
Antibodies against Cryptosporidia
Antibodies against Rotavirus 6 & 10 plus Salmonella typhimurium
Antibodies against Rotavirus 6 & 10 plus Escherichia coli K99
Antibodies against Rotavirus 6 & 10 plus Bovine Coronovirus

In addition Rotagen "Combo" contains; Dextrose anhydrous food grade, Kaolin "L" food grade, and Sodium Bicarbonate food grade.



All "Combos" - 10 grams daily for 5 days

All "Combos" except Rotavirus types 6 & 10 plus cryptosporidia: 20grams daily for the first day, then 10grams daily for 3 days
Rotavirus 6 & 10 plus Cryptosporidia: 10grams twice daily for the first day, then 5grams twice daily for 3 - 7 days.


Add to calf milk mixture or drench as recommended. We advise individual dosing to ensure each calf gets the correct amount. This can be done by drenching individually or adding to individual compartments in calf feeders. Keep mixture suspended by agitating regularly.


Withholding period:
Meat - Nil


Appropriate rehydration of calves with diarrohea is essential. Seek veterinary advice in treatment of neonatal scours in calves.


Store in a cool dry place at below 20C. replace lid when not in use.


250gram, 500gram, 1kg, 2.5kg