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Vetsan Super Concentrate

A concentrated virucide, biocide and deodoriser for all surfaces on farm, veterinary clinics, laboratories and medical facilities. Ideal for on-farm use in farm sheds and animal housing such as calf pens.


Vetsan Super Concentrate is a sanitiser based on the chemical, stabilised chlorine dioxide, which is a powerful oxidising agent having activity against almost all organic matter when converted into the active component, chlorine dioxide. Additionally, chlorine dioxide as a free radical scavenger will combine with negatively charged odour molecules to prevent unpleasant smells.

Chlorine dioxide has virucidal and biocidal activity, in addition to killing algae and some fungi. It acts to disrupt the cell membrane of the micro-organism so any contact will be effective regardless of concentration or contact time. Breakdown products are non-toxic or carcinogenic and Vetsan can be sprayed over humans and animals without harmful effects. It is ideal for use in calf pens as it can be sprayed over sick animals.

Vetsan is active against all the important pathenogenic micro-organisms that can cause calf scours;




E coli 


Mycoplasma bovis


Stabilised chlorine dioxide 2500mg / litre, (sodium chlorite, sodium bicarbonate), sorbitan mono-oleate.


100ppm solution:
Mix 200mls Vetsan Super Concentrate with 4.8 litres of fresh, clean drinking water to make 5 litres of dilute 100ppm Vetsan.

250ppm solution:
Mix 500mls Vetsan Super Concentrate with 4.5 litres of clean, fresh drinking water to make 5 litres of dilute 250ppm Vetsan.

Always use a clean, UV proof, container. Avoid breathing spray mist, and contact with eyes or skin when using the higher concentration sanitiser.

Clean heavily contaminated surfaces with a water blaster to remove gross organic matter.
Before animals are housed: spray all surfaces with a 250ppm solution of dilute Vetsan.
When animals are housed: spray regularly with a 100ppm solution of dilute Vetsan.
Spray and leave dilute Vetsan at a level of 1 litre per 36 sq m with a fine mist or fog. Saturation of surfaces is not required. Spray as often as required, for best results repeat every 7 - 10 days as Vetsan has a residual activity of 7 - 14 days. Diluted Vetsan (100ppm) is harmless to animals and can be sprayed whilst animals are in the pen.


Store in a cool dry environment - away from strong acids. Keep out of reach of children. Reseal container when not in use. Always use a clean coloured container when mixing product.


Also available in bulk