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RMT Solution

A ready to use solution suitable for sub-clinical mastitis testing of dairy cows


A simple, ease to use rapid mastitis test for dairy cows. R.M.T Solution is added to a milk sample being tested in a four-cup paddle that is supplied in the Vetpak R.M.T test kit.


Alcohols , C 9-11, Ethoxysulphate, Blue dye (food grade)


Add equal parts of R.M.T Solution (reagent) to milk sample in each cup and mix by swirling or rocking 5 - 10 times, or for approximately 10 seconds.
The viscosity of milk and the R.M.T Solution is scored - a slime or jelly mix is a positive reading indicating a mastitis infection in the teat quarter from which the mik was taken. (see RMT Test Kit directions).
Use a teat spray to help control mastitis, and Skin & Teat Conditioner as an extra emollient to ensure good teat condition throughout lactation.


Store in a cool dry environment. Keep out of reach of children. Reseal container after use.


2 litre, 5 litre, 15 litre