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Healthy Ewe RTU Liquid

Healthy Ewe RTU is a liquid multivitamin / mineral product designed to provide supplementary levels of trace elements during critical periods.


Sheep have high physiological demands for certain vitamins & minerals during critical periods of their reproductive cycle, pre-tup and late pregnancy, which may not be met by their normal feed intake. 
Supplemental Iodine and Vitamin E in particular are key trace elements for successful reproduction and lamb survival


Healthy Ewe RTU contains: Vitamins A,D,E plus the trace minerals: cobalt, selenium, iodine and zinc.
Each 5mls (1 adult dose) provides:


Vitamin A - 20,000 iu
Vitamin D - 10,000 iu
Vitamin E - 250 iu
Cobalt (as sulphate) - 5.0 mg
Selenium (as selenate) - 2.5 mg
Iodine (as EDDI) - 320 mg
Zinc (as sulphate) - 6.0 mg
Orally drench Healthy Ewe RTU Liquid at a dose rate of 1ml per 15kg liveweight

Lambs                         2.5 ml

Adult Sheep                5.0 ml

1ltr of Healthy Ewe RTU is sufficient for 200 adult ewe doses.

Healthy Ewe may be added to some anthelmintic drenchs. Try a small amount first to ensure compatability. Only mix enough to be used in one session.                   Do not store combined product.  Agitate mixed product regularly.

NOTE: Contains selenium. Do not use with any other selenised product without consulting your veterinarian.

Meat - Nil
Milk - Nil


Store product in a cool dry place. Ensure container is closed after use. Dust masks are recommended when handling this product.


1 litre, 2.5 litre backpack, 5 litre backpack, 10 litre