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Emma Cooper - 06/08/16


VetPak's products have been a real saviour for us on the farm. Wouldn't be without them!

Julia of Gore - Rotagen

In late August 2007 we started to notice a few calves scouring and their general health deteriorate quickly, we were quick to pick up that it was Rotavirus.  We started an immediate isolation process and fought to get the Rotavirus under control.  As always at the start it was just a few weaker calves, it was about a week later that it started to affect the stronger calves and the animals started to get sick in large numbers.  At the time we thought the only treatment was Electrolytes and my fight started.  I would sit with the calves for hours making them drink what they could.  Then the guys at Northern Southland Vets suggested Rotogen Combo, at this point I would have tried anything 16 hour days were starting to take their toll.  A good friend of mine came over to help us out, as she walked into the shed her immediate reaction was the mood in the shed, dull and lifeless, while not all the calves were fully affected by the Rotavirus over 100 of them were scouring at different levels and I had over 100 calves on electrolytes.  We started using the Rotogen; we decided that individual drenching was going to be the best attack, this way we were sure each and every calf got the correct amount.  We also decided that each and every calf except for bobby calves would be treated and we revamped the wool shed so that all new calves had a clean environment to go.

We started the Rotogen course, the system we put in place, as each calf was drenched they would have a different coloured mark on their head, one person drenching one person marking, the first day all the calves were easy to drench, as they were lethargic, day 2 saw a change and drenching became a little more difficult after 3 days the mood in the shed lifted, and drenching was definitely not as easy as the first day, the calves were strong and were wanting attention and food, as you walked in the shed in the morning you could feel the excitement of the calves waiting to be fed, my friend returned this day and was excited as she noticed the change, feeding that day was the best for about 2 weeks.  The next day, a Monday, we had ordered some more Rotogen, as we had used all that we could get on the Sunday evening, my heart sunk when the call from the vets came through the Couriers had lost our order, a frantic day of trying to track it down started, the couriers being less than helpful, Tuesday morning, the calves had only had 3 days of Rotogen and the ones born on Monday had received none, the mood in the shed was dropping again and calves stated to go down hill again.  It was Wednesday before the couriers got it right and Rotogen arrived, by this time the lull in the shed was back to where it was the middle of the week before.  We quickly got to work with the drench gun and by the Friday the mood in the shed was back to where it had been on the Sunday.

Rotogen most definately saved a very large number of my calves, while we made a conscious decision to destroy all bobby calves through the worst time of the out break we only lost 7 replacement heifers and 1 bull that was destined to be used as a herd sire.  These calves that died were the first to become infected and we did not get to them in time with the Rotogen.

Soon after we confirmed Rotavirus we vaccinated the remainder of the cows to calve, but the active protection does not come through for 2 weeks, these two weeks were two of the hardest in my life. 

Rotogen is easy to mix with water for drenching purposes, just don’t leave it sitting as it will separate out.

Rotavirus is sole destroying, Rotogen saved my sanity.  There is no doubt in my mind without Rotogen our losses would have been huge.  Although we are now vaccinating I will not hesitate to recommend Rotogen or re use it again in the future. 

We are not a small operation and last season we milked 1550 cows and calved 1350 down in the spring time. So, it did get tested on large numbers!

Jodie of Southland - Rotagen

Upon the recommendation of our vet we treated our sick calves with Rotogen Combo and we noticed the change in the calves very quickly as they responded to Rotogen treatment, we found the product was easy to use and administer, I would have no hesitation in recommending Rotogen Combo to treat scouring calves.

Jim from Otorohanga - Rotagen

I have used Rotagen for a number of years to treat and prevent Rotavirus and Cryptosporidia. I am confident that it has saved many calves, and I can say that I have had good success with the product.

Joy of Landcorp - Rotagen "Combo"

Rotagen is really, really good.  As soon as cows calve, we get the calves in and tube them with colostrum. We then put them on the five day preventative course of Rotagen "Combo".

We have used the straight Rotagen Rotavirus, Rotagen Rotavirus plus Cryptosporidia, and Rotagen Rotavirus plus Salmonella. We  find Rotagen "Combo" very effective and a lot easier and cheaper to use than the vaccine.