A high energy source that provides all the important electrolytes lost during diarrohea.

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Enerlect is a high energy source that also supplies all the important electrolytes lost during diarrohea caused by infectious agents or due to a nutritional imbalance. Enerlect also acts to correct the acidosis that is a common feature of serious diarrohea in calves. Enerlect has higher levels of energy than most other electrolyte replacers on the market. Enerlect has been developed to better meet the needs of scouring calves.

Each 100gram dose of Enerlect contains:
Sodium Chloride 6.25%
Sodium Bicarbonate 2.5%
Glucose Anhydrous 78.775%
Potassium Citrate monohydrate 4.375%
Gylcine 5.0% (assists in the transport of sodium)
Energy level 321 kcal per 100gram dose
The osmolarity level is 428.9 mOsmol/L, which is the lower end of the hypertonic range

A 100gram dose (2litres) will provide:
Energy - 321 kcal
Sodium - 3.125g
Potassium - 1.575g
Chloride - 3.750g

Milk - Nil
Meat including Bobby Calves - Nil

Enerlect should be stored in a cool dry place below 25°C. Prepared solutions should be discarded after 24 hours if unused.

Enerlect is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No: A9726.

See for registeration conditions.

Prepare a fresh solution of Enerlect by mixing 100grams with 2 litres of warm water.

For calves less than 55kg, with severe dehydration, dose with a minimum of 6 litres daily in 2 or 3 divided doses.

For calves greater than 55kg with severe dehydration, dose with a minimum of 8 litres daily in 2 or 3 divided doses.

Once calves respond to the treatment or in only mildly dehydrated animals, the level can be reduced to 4 litres daily when combined with milk feeding.

On the first day of treatment, Enerlect can be offered as the sole diet at the rate of 6 to 8 litres per day (or more under veterinary direction), dependign on the severity of the scours. On subsequent days some milk should be re-introduced to supplement or maintain the energy level of the calf. Do not withhold milk feeding for longer than one day.

Milk feeding can continue when using Enerlect, but should be seperated from Enerlect treatment by at least 3 - 4 hours. We strongly recommend that milk continue to be fed. It is important that the milk is not diluted.

Enerlect may be fed ad lib (say overnight) without risk of overdosing or toxicity, clean water ad lib should also be available. Access to clean water sould be available at all times.