Starter Plus

To be used at calving or lambing to provide a liquid feed supplement containing immediately available energy sources and additional calcium & magnesium. To be used at calving to provide an energy boost during a period of high demand.

1 litre, 5 litre, 15 litre, 60 litre, 200 litre, 1000 litres

Also available in bulk ex Te Awamutu store.

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Starter Plus - 1000 litres - $0.00
Starter Plus

Starter Plus is a blend of feed additives that provide an immediate energy boost as well as a prolonged supply of energy to give a calving cow a supplemental source of energy which will last 24 hours. A combination of MPG and molasses provides an energy boost within 20 minutes, whilst the vegetable oil is metabolised over a 12 hour period and the by-pass fat kicks in after 12 - 18 hours. When used at calving, Starter Plus will help the cow through the transitional period by kick starting lactation and reducing metabolic disorders.

Starter Plus also contains supplemental calcium and magnesium to assist in reducing the incidence of milk fever and staggers.

Starter contains per litre:

Mono-propylene glycol BP - 200 mls
Molasses - 150 mls
By-pass Fat - 150 mls
Vegetable oil - 100 mls
Calcium chloride

Precipitated calcium carbonate
Magnesium oxide
Vitamins B1 & B12

These ingredients provide, per litre:

Energy - 15.2 MJME
Calcium - 54.0 grams
Magnesium - 12.3 grams

Apply to feed or drench animals directly: 1 - 2 litres as a single drench following calving, or 500mls daily for 3 - 4 days following calving whilst in the colostrum mob.

Sheep Dose Rate - Give 100mls per ewe to help reduce metabolic disorders like milk fever, grass staggers and sleepy sickness in pregnant ewes.

Shake well before using, drums should be agitated before decanting.

Also available are hand pumps, drench hose and stainless steel drench hooks.

Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Replace lid when not in use.