Tri Cal Plus - Ca 2 go

A calcium supplement with magnesium, phosphorus and added electrolytes for dairy cows

500ml, 5 litre, 15 litre

Tri Cal Plus - Ca 2 go - 500ml - $0.00
Tri Cal Plus - Ca 2 go - 5 Litre - $0.00
Tri Cal Plus - Ca 2 go - 15 Litre - $0.00
Tri Cal Plus - Ca 2 go

A ready to use liquid calcium supplement for dairy cows needing a source of bio-available calcium at or before calving. Designed to help prevent milk fever and supplement injectible metabolic treatments, or can be used as a calcium suplement to help prevent sub-clinical calcium deficiencies from occuring.

Tri-Cal Plus contains 3 sources of readily available calcium in addition to magnesium, phosphorus and electrolytes from Enerlect.

Tri Calcium phosphate
Precipitated calcium carbonate
Calcium chloride dihydrate
VetMag magnesium oxide
Enerlect electrolyte replacer
Apple flavouring

Supplies per 500mls:

Calcium - 52.5 grams
Phosphorus - 20.0 grams
Magnesium - 10.0 grams
Enerlect electrolytes - 30.0 grams

Apply to feed or drench orally. Give 500mls per cow once or twice daily during period of heavy calcium demand, or as directed by a veterinary surgeon.

Store in a cool dry environment below 30°C. Keep out of reach of children.