EquiBee is an innovative product designed to treat respiratory ailments in horses, by combining proven equine medicines, with the natural goodness and healing qualities, of specially selected honeys.

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What does Equibee do?

  • It reduces respiratory tract inflammation
  • It works as a decongestant
  • It reduces muscle stiffness (tying up)
How does it work?
EQUIBEE is unique in that it suspends specific active medicinal ingredients in with honey, to achieve a targeted and effective delivery.

It accomplishes this by using the honey as a tasty and stable anti-bacterial medium to hold and transport the medicine. Once swallowed, the honey adheres to and soothes the horses throat while delivering medication directly on to the affected areas. Once it has moved through into the stomach the remaining medication is absorbed into the blood stream and acts in much the same way as regular medications. This combined effect enhances the horse's chances of making a rapid and full recovery.

What are the benefits?

  • The sweetness of the honey means that horses love the taste.
  • EquiBee is easy to administer (either directly into the mouth or mixed in with feed
  • There is no withholding period with EquiBee, unlike some other products.
  • EquiBee treats up to three ailments at once (respiratory tract inflammation, congestion and tying up)
  • EquiBee has a very long shelf life (measured in years not months)
  • Caffeine Free
  • Non-toxic, you cannot overdose your horse
Who can use it?
That's the good news. You can.

Once an applicable ailment has been diagnosed, simply read the instructions on the packet and use as directed.