Equi-Sel is a liquid form of Selenomethionine , which is selenium bound to the amino acid methionine , rather than the inorganic form, sodium selenite.

Supplied to Vetpak by Infield Group

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As the organic form, Selenomethionine is actively taken up from the intestine and used by the horse during protein synthesis. Inorganic selenium, sodium selenate, is not actively taken up in the intestine and needs to be converted by micro-organisms in the caecum and small intestine to an organic form before it can be absorbed. The majority of inorganic selenium is excreted in the faeces and urine with as little as 40% of sodium selenate being taken up by the horse.

Equi-Sel contains:
Selenomethionine 200mg Se per litre providing 1 mg Selenium per 5 ml.

Once a week 10 mls
Once a month 50 mls

Once a week 25 mls
Once a month 125 mls

Equi-Sel can be administered orally or mixed with feed. Do not exceed stated dose.

Do not exceed recommended dose unless directed otherwise by a veterinarian. Do not use with any other product containing Selenium without consulting a veterinarian. Regular liver and blood testing should be used to determine actual selenium status.

Harmful if swallowed, inhaled or in contact with the skin. May cause damage to organs through repeated exposure. Suspected of causing genetic defects. Wear protective gloves and use personal protective equipment as required. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Wash hands throughly after handling. Wash contaminated clothing before re-use.