Feed Aid

Feed Aid is a nutritional supplement specifically formulated to help improve the digestion of grain based feeds and grass diets that can give rise to problems such as muscle tie-up, gastric ulcers, hindgut acidosis and over excitability.

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Feed Aid

Feed Aid contains a range of enzymes, probiotic yeasts and toxin binders which work to help maintain and improve the efficiency of the digestive system, increase the digestive breakdown of feed and the energy availability from the diet components.

Horses being fed a diet high in supplementary hard feed are susceptable to problems of acidodsis caused by the passage of undigested grain into the large intestine where it can sit and undergo bacterial fermentation. The products of this starch fermentation can give rise to digestive upset which can affect both performance and temperament.

During the spring, rapidly growing new pasture grasses are high in soluble sugars and low in fibre. The high moisture/ low fibre content of these grasses can cause the rapid movement of partially digested grass into the large intestine where low levels of naturally occuring enzymes can allow high levels of bacterial sugar fermentation to occur, creating the same problems as too much hard feed.

The overflow of undigested starches and sugars into the caecum and colon results in an increase in lactic in ph and acidosis.

The enzymes and pro-biotic yeast present in Feed Aid will assist the naturally occuring enzymes to more efficiently breakdown the grain or grasses in the digestive system and will continue to work on feed that spills over, undigested, into the large intestine. The pro-biotic yeast also helps to prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria in the gut and stimulate the production of the horse's own benficial gut organisms, as well as slowing down the movement of food from the stomach through the small and large intestine.

In addition to the enzymes and pro-biotic yeast present in Feed Aid, it also contains a toxin binder that will help prevent the absorption of harmful fungal toxins. Mouldy hay, grain or feed can contain toxic by-products and some grasses have an endophyte fungus which produces toxins. The toxin binder in Feed Aid is able to bind these toxins and hold them so they are passed in the droppings preventing the damage they can cause to the liver and intestinal tract.

Feed Aid contains
Ronozyme A, Ronozyme P, Levucell SB, Mycofix Plus and Magnesium oxide.

Ronozyme A: is a blend of a-amylase and b-glucanase enzymes that act to breakdown the starch and glucan component found in the cell wall of grains such as wheat, maize and barley. In horses that are being fed large amounts of hard feed- over 2 kgs per day, it is not uncommon for the caecum to be unable to adequately digest all the grain and some to escape undigested into the large intestine where it will undergo bacterial fermentation. By providing extra digestive enzymes, we aim to enhance the digestive process and reduce the likelihood of undigested grain passing through into the large intestine.

Ronozyme P: is a phytase enzyme that acts to breakdown plant bound phosphorus. Some feeds, particularly those made up on farm by individual owners, are not adequately balanced in terms of the calcium: phosphorus ratio. In particular, young horse feeds may have extra calcium added by way of limeflour, but is unlikely that a phosphorus source is included. The inclusion of a phytase enzyme helps to unlock some of the bound phosphorus bringing into better balance the overall calcium/phosphorus status of the animal.

Levucell SB: is concentrated live yeast, strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1-1079, which is widely used in both humans and animals as a means of improving digestive performance and reducing gastrointestinal upset. The live yeast acts to increase the production and activity of beneficial bacteria thereby out-competing potential pathogenic species giving rise to a modified microflora that increases the digestion of fibre and improves energy digestability. Additionally, the pro-biotic yeast has been shown to improve crypt depth and villi height in the small intestine leading to an improvement in nutrient uptake.

Mycofix Plus: is a patented feed additive that has a dual action in protecting from mycotoxins. A synergistic blend of minerals attracts and binds certain mycotoxins based on specific electrical polar functional group, whilst biological components of Mycofix act to degrade other mycotoxins through hydrolysis of functional ester groups into non-toic metabolites. These bound mycotoxins and harmless metabolites are the passed out in the faeces.

Mix with the daily feed. If possible, spilit dosage evenly between the morning and the evening feed. Give 20 gm per horse per day. The scoop contains 10 gms when level.

Availability 1 kg and 3 kgs

Nil withholding- does not contain prohibited substances.

This product is exempt from registration being an oral nutritional compound compliant with Schedule 4 of the ACVM Regulations 2001.

Supplied to Vetpak by Infield Group