Healthy Lamb

Healthy Lamb is an oral multivitamin/mineral supplement designed to boost trace elements and vitamins in growing lambs.

Pack Sizes
Available in 5 Litre and 15 Litre pack sizes.

Healthy Lamb - 5 litre - $0.00
Healthy Lamb - 15 litres - $0.00
Healthy Lamb

Lambs may have high physiological demands for certain vitamins and minerals during growth periods and may benefit from supplementary levels of trace elements and vitamins at key times.

These vitamins and minerals may help to increase appetite, improve growth rates especially in dull overcast weather, and act as an antioxidant when animals are under stress.

Healthy Lamb contains: Vitamins A,D,E plus the trace minerals: cobalt, and iodine.

Each 5 ml dose contains:
Iodine (as Ethylenediaminedihydroiodide 15 g/L) 60 mg
Cobalt (as Cobalt Sulphate 20g/L) 20 mg
Vitamin A (2 g/L Retinyl Acetate) 5,000 iu
Vitamin D (2 g/L Cholecalciferol) 5,000 iu
Vitamin E (0.04 g/L alpha-tocopherol) 200 iu

Healthy Lamb Liquid is formulated as a ready to use oral drench.
It may be mixed with water if necessary. Only mix sufficient for immediate use.

Lambs (15-40 kg liveweight) 5ml

Healthy Lamb may be added to some anthelmintic drench.

Try a small amount first to ensure compatibility. Only mix enough to be used in one session.

Do not store combined product. Agitate mixed product regularly.

Meat - Nil