Iodine Combo High Selenium

Iodine Combo Hi Selenium drench contains a range of essential trace minerals required by sheep and goats to reach their reproductive and growth potential. Iodine deficiency is a common problem resulting in goitre and low survivability in new-born lambs and kids.

1 litre

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Iodine Combo High Selenium

Iodine deficiency is a common problem in sheep and goats as a result of iodine deficient soils or as a consequence of feeding brassicas with a high goitrogenic content that can interfere with iodine metabolism. Goitre in ewes will lead to a low reproductive performance and low survivability in new-born lambs. Animals grazing brassica crops should be supplemented with iodine.

Iodine Combo Hi Selenium contains: Potassium iodate, Sodium selenate, Copper chelate, Cobalt chelate, Zinc chelate

Each litre of concentrate contains:

Iodine - 504.9 grams
Copper - 2.1 grams
Cobalt - 300.0 mg
Zinc - 560.0 mg
Selenium - 8000 mg

Iodine Combo Hi Selenium comes a 1 litre concentrate which needs to be made up with water. Add 1 litre of concentrate to 7 litres of clean, fresh water and mix well.

Drench adult ewes with the diluted drench at a rate of 1ml per 15kg liveweight. 1 Litre of Iodine Combo concentrate is sufficient for 1600 x 75kg ewes at a dose rate of 5mls per head.

Each 5ml dose of dilute drench will provide:

Iodine - 315.56 mg
Copper - 1.36 mg
Cobalt - 0.19 mg
Zinc - 0.35 mg
Selenium - 5.00 mg

Do not exceed the stated dose and frequency. Do not use at the same time as other selenised fertiliser, prill or product without consulting a veterinarian.

In sheep, liver levels of copper may be variable. Consequently there is always the risk of copper poisoning (death) occurring following copper supplementation in this species.

Store in a cool dry place. Replace cap after use. Keep out of reach of children.