Vetpak 5 Elements

Trace element supplementation for cattle, sheep and goats.

Contains Cobalt, Copper, Iodine and Zinc as Chelates, Selenium as Sodium Selenate.

Pack Sizes
Available in 1 Litre and 15 Litre pack sizes.

Vetpak 5 Elements - 1 Litre - $0.00
Vetpak 5 Elements - 15 Litre - $0.00
Vetpak 5 Elements

Cobalt 6.0mg/ml (as Cobalt EDTA)
Copper 50mg/ml (as Copper EDTA)
Iodine 3.0mg/ml (as EDDI)
Selenium 10mg/ml (as Sodium Selenate)
Zinc 6.0mg/ml (as Zinc EDTA)

Dilute 1 Litre of Vetpak 5 Elements with 19 Litres of water. Shake Well.

This product maybe diluted with other preparations such as anthelminitcs intended for oral administration but should be checked for compatibility first.

DO NOT EXCEED recommended dose rates (of diluted Vetpak 5 Elements.)

DO NOT EXCEED 1ml/5kg bodyweight

Adults 10ml
Hoggets 5ml
Lambs 2.5ml

Adults 10ml
Kids 2.5ml

Adults 50ml
Yearlings 25ml
Calves 10ml

Period - Nil

Do not administer this product to animals with liver damage.

Do not concurrently administer other products containing Copper.

Do not use with any other selenised fertilizer, prill or product without consulting a veterinarian.

Caution in Sheep, liver levels of copper maybe quite variable. Consequently there is always a risk of copper poisoning (deaths) occurring following copper supplementation in these species.

If copper and /or health status is uncertain, obtain veterinary advice.

HSNO Approval Number: HSR002390 Selenium, HSR006638 Iodine.

See www.epa.govt.nz for approval conditions.

This product is exempt from registration, being of an oral nutritional compound compliant with S4 of the ACVM Regulations 2001.