Vetmag Ultra-Fine

VetMag is a ready to use powdered magnesium feed supplement suitable for drenching, pasture spraying and applying to hay or silage.

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Vetmag Ultra-Fine

Magnesium suplementation is usually required in the first 3 months and last 3 weeks of lactation and during periods of cold, wet weather when feed intake may fall. Grass staggers, or hypomagnesia, can occur in early spring during periods of rapid grass growth when lactation demands outstrip magnesium intake.

VetMag is an ultrafine product containing 95 - 97% Magnesium Oxide and a minimum of 57% elemental magnesium.

It has a very low level of heavy metals, and is highly reactive - more so than some other products available on the market.

Store in dry place away from possible sources of water or moisture.

Packs are multi-wall paper bags - 48 bags per pallet

Mix 1kg VetMag with 3 litres of lukewarm water. Stir and continue stirring until the slurry is of a consistent nature. Heat will be generated, it may even boil, as this is an exothermic reaction due to the high purity and reactivity of VetMag.

Hay or Silage
50grams per cow per day mixed with water and added or poured onto feed

Pasture dusting
Apply 50 - 70grams per cow per day to the feed break with suitable dusting equipment

Pasture spraying
Apply 60mls (30grams of VetMag per cow per day = 15grams elemental magnesium) as a 50% mixture. This is made up by mixing 5kg VetMag with 10 litres water.

grams VetMag per grams of elementalmls of above
cow per dayMg per cow per dayper cow per day
Low risk 10535
Medium risk201065
High risk3015100